Key Tips for Weight Management

To achieve long term weight loss, you need to keep the focus on your diet and exercise. Commonly people lose weight on a diet, gain the weight back within a few years, mostly because the strategies you use to lose weight do not remain the same. Weight maintenance includes a steady exercise routine; eating low-fat protein and reminding yourself why you need to manage your weight.

The key to keeping weight off subsequent to a diet is adding in habits of nutrition, regular exercise, and reasonable expectations that you can stick to for a lifetime. Lifestyle alteration is an asset for your future. Regular exercise keeps you responsive to insulin; this means you burn fat instead of sugar, feel less hungry, stay slim and feel good.

  • Calorie counting may not work in the long run as you need to think away from numbers and think about the calorie quality instead. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are high fiber foods and will do justice to your weight. It is recommended to eat, four to five cups of fruit or vegetables every day. In fact, a salad before your meal can also decrease calories by 10 percent.
  • Keep carbs to the minimum as they can cause a spike in insulin in your body to store fats. A low carb diet will help you burn fats hence; you may not feel hungry between your meals. Avoid using artificial sweeteners as they may lead to weight gain. Smaller portions and small plate sizes also play a vital role in weight management.
  • Egg, chicken and fish are protein rich foods, which help in avoiding food cravings. Vitamins and minerals also play an important role in your weight management. For instance, vitamin B6 maintains blood glucose level and Niacin helps in maintaining muscle mass. Low-fat dairy products are an important source of the vitamin D. As per the National Dairy Council, three servings of milk, cheese, or yogurt in a day can assist you to lose weight and burn fat.

  • Maintain a food journal as it will help you check how much you have eaten in a day and over the weeks/month. Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to help weight loss and weight management. You can also write down your diet, your daily exercise, and your aim. A big reason for weight gain is due to pressure/stress. Exercise releases stress and perks up your mood. Get adequate sleep to normalize your hormones. Do not turn your weight loss into an obsession.

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